3"+5" Banding Film:

Replaces old fashioned techniques of stabilization like taping and string at a lower cost.

Eliminates the need for expensive wrapping machines.

Product uses a small inexpensive dispenser, which can be used anywhere.

Available in a variety of widths and gauges. Please inquire about our heavy weight banding films.

Holds packages together, while protecting product from dirt and moisture.

Pallet wrap/Stretch wrap:

Stretch wrap and pallet wrap is avalable in machine rolls and hand wrap rolls. Many sizes and guages available. Please inquire about coloured films.

High-performance machine stretch wrap:

Product Code Width Gauge Length
QF7 20EF1000 20 45 10000
QF7 20FF8000 20 55 8000
QF7 20GF7000 20 65 7000
QF7 20HA6500 20 70 6500

Recommended with and gauge replacement for JEM QF7 vs 3 and 5 layer films:

JEM QF7 Replaces Gauge
45ga 55-65ga
55ga 65-75ga
65ga 75-85ga
70ga 85-100ga

Seven-layer JEM High-Performance Film makes all other films obsolete. It guarantees customer savings through superior performance. Utilizing leading edge metallocene resins, JEM HP Film outperforms our competitor's obsolete films by maximizing these film characteristics:

Loading unitizing strength


Puncture resistance


300% pre-stretch capabilities

One side cling

JEM HP Film redefines the industry standard gauge. It insures a minimum of 20% lower replacement gauge over current 3 layer films on the market.

JEM High-Performance Machine Wrap will help you to reduce waste packaging at source and also allow you to reduce your wrapping cost.†
Please call for a stretch-film demonstration/evaluation. Let us reduce your packaging costs!

Pallet wrap dispenser:


This high quality Canadian made dispenser can handle 12 to 18" wide rolls. Please inquire for more information.

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